About Us

Acapulco Gold  was founded in 1969 by Garfield High School students looking to blend soul, rhythm & blues, rock, jazz and gospel sound into something new, a truly original sound that Seattle had never before experienced. The group went on to become an iconic entity in Northwest music history. Known for its infectious original songs and down-to-earth, pure fun shows, Acapulco Gold was and is still well worth coming to see. Having performed throughout the Northwest and Western Canada, Acapulco Gold---which became affectionately known to its fans simply as “The Gold---achieved a rare level of fame and notoriety crossing many cultural and economic boundaries in the process. Known throughout the region for providing some of the best entertainment around “The Gold” opened for many of the top pop, soul and funk acts in the U.S. including such artists as Santana, The Ohio Players, Kool & The Gang, Donny Hathaway, Earth Wind & Fire, Cold Blood, Tower of Power, Lakeside and others in major concert venues.

Acapulco Gold has recently reemerged on the music seen after a 30 year hiatus and is proud to present our special blend of funk, soul and jazz-influenced horn arrangements and heavy-duty grooves to our fans and friends once again. Many longtime fans are excited to hear the “The Gold” is back on the scene and look forward to reconnecting with one of their all-time favorite bands.

Band Members:

Myron Kline - Lead Vocals, Background Vocals & Percussion

Horn Section:

Melvin Guidry - Tenor Saxophone, Background Vocals | Clifford Weiss - Trumpet & Flugelhorn, Background Vocals

Rhythm Section:

Paul Anderson - Guitar, Background Vocals | Carl Falls - Bass, Background Vocals
Vic Kubo - Percussion |
Dwayne Wester - Drums